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All we do is.....

Build websites •  Find new customers • Develop markets for your key products (business development) • Send newsletters • Sort all your Social Media - including Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn •  Build your brand • Write technical specs for suppliers • Host and support your email • Find finance • Produce videos • Create great on and offline designs • Find speaker engagements • Plan and run conferences and events • Manage IT projects and....

….just help your business grow!

Smartbiz Media

Stand Out

We create brilliant websites, quickly and at really competitive costs. Our sharp designs and sharper messages get under the skin of your business, to target your customers.

Smartbiz Media


Then we build e-newsletters, social media, PR and events to drive traffic to your site and to you. Our speciality is in understanding relationships, not just lists or volumes of click throughs. SEO is only useful if someone knows what to search for. We open the door, even when your buyers aren't yet looking.

Smartbiz Media


We have real experience of strategy and focus on your profitable products and services, segmenting data to give you the fastest cut-through.

Smartbiz Media


We also have project and programme management skills that we apply at the start of our work with you, so we know where everyone is heading and what outcomes you seek.

Why SmartBiz? 

OUR FOCUS AND PASSION is about helping your business achieve its goals. We are a fully rounded team – bringing everything together in one package. We want to talk to you so your communications tools reach the right customers and targets faster, to give you a real return on your investment. You may want a brochure, website or some social media; we believe you are looking for more contracts, better value or higher quality clients. It's our strategic understanding and approach that gives you SMARTer BIZness.

Just to tell you about us.....We've worked inside businesses, from large conglomerates to SMEs. We've been responsible, as managers, for budgets and staff. So, we know our onions. The people you meet do the job and we constantly update our knowledge to serve you better.

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How we work

Smartbiz Media

Understand business

  • Customer focus
  • Market overview
  • Delivery channels

Build your brand

  • Develop visual identity
  • Highlight skills and services
  • Build credibility

Engage customers

  • Generate quality leads
  • Effective Social Media
  • Content and campaigns

Support your needs

  • Access to funding
  • Business Development
  • Advice and Coaching

Smartbiz Media

Meet the team

Smartbiz Media

Julia Kay

JULIA'S SHARP BUSINESS development focus means a proven ROI worth £thousands for customers from their marketing initiatives.  She is best at developing and implementing strategy, focusing on measurable success. Julia offers 25+ years regional, national and international expertise.  As a former national BBC news and investigative journalist she worked in parliament, Northern Ireland, Radio 4 and BBC Television and Sky News (& has won a BAFTA nomination and Royal Television Society documentary award.) She was also the Regional Correspondent for major property magazine Estates Gazette.

Smartbiz Media

Matt Thornfield

MATT IS A WEB DEVELOPER and professional IT trainer who specialises in translating business needs into IT that works. He's a real communicator! Big corporate experience includes Lloyds Bank, The Halifax and Yorkshire Bank (National Australia Group).  For example he's created a highly visual web site to allow people to order large volume printing online, to smooth internal reprographics orders - often for people who didn't really understand the vast range of options available! He's a Toastmaster for fun, has done a course in fire-eating and plays the piano badly!


Smartbiz Media

Dave Middleton

DAVE IS A BUSINESS CONSULTANT and a Web Designer with a proven history of delivering complex transnational integration projects with small project teams. He has many years experience in Information Management and Enterprise Portals, plus Project Management, outsourcing application development to India. His background includes Accenture and Capgemini, for clients in the Financial Services, Energy & Utilities and Products Industry. He has mastered the Rational Unified Process methodology, is fluent in Dutch and English and has a strong command of French and German. 

Smartbiz Media

Ray Castle

RAY IS A PROPER JOURNALIST, having worked for everything from local papers to What Car? and Car magazine, in-house for Volkswagen Group, Haymarket & other industry publications & online newsletters. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of cars, but can also turn his hand to write on any subject. He's Edited food publications e.g. Supermarketing, Baking Update & worked with Hotel & Caterer, to writing about running an optician's and run related industry awards & events.



Professional Services, Engineering and Green Tech, Executive Coaching, Dance

Content Management Systems, Site Hosting,
E-Commerce systems, AdWords.

Graphic Design for the
Web (HTML & CSS), Project Management, Systems Delivery.

Writing the socks off anything, Motor, Food,
E-news & marketing.